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Appendix 2


Published onApr 23, 2021
Appendix 2

The successful course of socialist reconstruction—industrialization of the country in particular—creates at the present moment the necessary foundations for systematic work on the reconstruction of our way of life along socialist principles. The enthusiasm of the working masses for the fastest possible completion of the Five-Year Plan begins to take hold on our way of life. In a number of undertakings there have arisen everyday life brigades who enter into social competition with the cooperatives and who take over the direction and control of socialized feeding of children’s nurseries, of kindergartens, etc.

Party organizations must render every possible assistance to this movement and direct it ideologically. Soviets, trade unions, and cooperatives must assume practical solutions to the problems connected with this goal. It is necessary that we observe the various undertakings of workers participating in the reconstruction of the way of life with greatest attention, thoroughly studying the sprouting of the new, and in every way assisting their realization in life.

The Central Committee notices that together with the growing movement toward a socialist way of life there are quite baseless, half-fantastic, therefore extremely dangerous experimental efforts on the part of individual comrades (Sabsovich, Larin in part, and others). They with “one jump” would skip across those obstacles on the road to socialist reconstruction of our way of life that have their roots on the one hand in the economic and cultural backwardness of the country and on the other in the present necessity for the maximum concentration of all resources toward the quickest means of industrialization of the country; the latter alone will create the real material basis for a radical change of our way of life. To such attempts of certain workers, hiding their opportunistic character under “leftist slogans,” are related the projects which have appeared recently in print: projects for the replanning of existing cities and the reconstruction of new ones, entirely at the cost of the state, with full and immediate socialization of all aspects of the way of life of the workers: feeding, residence, education of children with their separation from their parents, elimination of relations between the members of the families, and administrative suppression of individual preparation of food, etc. The implementation of these dangerous utopian principles, which take no account of the material resources of the country and the degree of preparation of the population, would lead to a colossal waste of resources and a cruel discreditation of the very idea of socialist reconstruction of our way of life.

Therefore the TsK resolves:

1) To propose that the SNK of the Union within 15 days prepare directions about the regulations for construction of workers’ settlements and separate residences for the workers. These instructions must take into account the development of collective servicing of the way of life of the workers (laundries, baths, factory kitchens, children’s institutions, cafeterias, etc.) in cities and in settlements which are either being built or are already extant.

2) To ensure a sufficient green belt between the industrial and the living zones in the construction of workers’ settlements at new major enterprises (Stalingrad, Dneprostroi, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, etc.), to provide roads and communication, and to supervise the equipping of these settlements with water systems, electric lighting, bathing facilities, laundries, communal cafeterias, children’s institutions, clubs, schools, and medical care. In new construction there must be maximum sanitary conditions and hygienic facilities, and it is also necessary to take all measures to ensure the lowest construction costs.

3) To direct the attention of all party organizations to the necessity, in connection with these tasks, of significantly strengthening efforts toward a maximum mobilization of the energy of the population itself in residential construction, through residence-construction cooperation.

4) To mandate the Narkomtrud USSR and VTsSPS together with the cooperatives, to take urgent measures to ensure regulation and amplification of the financing of the reconstruction of the way of life in view of the present lack of cooperation between financial organizations and professional trade union organizations of the various socio-cultural institutions.

5) To give the commission on the reconstruction of our way of life at the NK RKI USSR the responsibility of implementing extant resolutions.

6) To propose that SNK issue a directive to the VSNKh USSR to expand, beginning with the present fiscal year, production of equipment for services for the working class (factory kitchens, mechanized laundries, communal cafeterias, social dining rooms, etc.) and to assess the question of the increase in the financing of measures for the reconstruction of our way of life.

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