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Published onApr 23, 2021

I wish to thank the following contributors for permission to reproduce their work: Paul Turner, Mary Patricia May Sekler, Maurice Favre, Brian Brace Taylor, Charles Jencks, Anthony Sutcliffe, Robert Fishman, Martin Purdy, John Winter, Maxwell Fry, Jane Drew, Madhu Sarin, and Stanislaus von Moos.

Collectively, these contributors express their thanks to the following people who have helped this project in a variety of ways: François Faessler, Irene Grill, Curé Louis de Montmollin (deceased), Irene von Moos, Isabelle Morillion, Rudolf Arnheim, Fernand Donzé, Emily Romney, Laurence Wylie, Costantino and Ruth Nivola, Eduard Sekler, Pierre-Max Wasem, Amos N. Wilder, James Ackerman, John Coolidge, Francette and Henri Gray, Kerstin Rääf, Pierre Emery, Pierre Hirsch, Max du Bois, Henri Frugès, the Kunstmuseum at Basel, the Director of the Basler Nachrichten, the Bibliothèque de La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss Embassy in London, Thomas and Philipp Speiser, Wolfgang Bessenich, Willy Boesiger, Gordon Davies, Christian Gimonet, Silvia Sutton, Ise Gropius, Kenneth Frampton, Stanford Anderson, Alan Colquhoun, Jacques Michel, Valerie Winter, Heidi Weber, J. Perez y Jorba, Louis Michel, the Director of the Maison de la Culture at Firminy, Abbé André Belaud (deceased), Abbé René Bolle-Reddat, Glauco Gresleri, Roger Banks, Alan Jones, Leo Davies, Igor Kolodotschko, Madeline Jay, and Narindar Lamba.

On my own behalf and that of several of the contributors, I should like to express our deep gratitude to André Wogenscky, President of the Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris, for permission to work on original material held in the archives and for approval to publish this material. We are most grateful to him for generously providing a Foreword to The Open Hand. We are indebted to Françoise de Franclieu, archivist at the Fondation Le Corbusier, for her tireless support of our research.

I should also like to thank the Birmingham School of Architecture, which held a two-day symposium on Le Corbusier in October 1973.

To my friend Dr. Dennis Wood, I wish to express my thanks for his criticism of the book from its inception.

Finally, and above all, I thank my wife, Helen Walden, for the innumerable hours she has spent in typing and translating French archive material and for her invaluable thoroughness in checking the manuscript.

Russell Walden
Birmingham, England

Figure 1
Le Corbusier’s sketch of the Open Hand symbol at Chandigarh. (Photograph courtesy of Maison de la Culture at Firminy and Archives Fondation Le Corbusier.)

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