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Published onApr 23, 2021

Much of teaching today is no longer the presentation by one who has the word to many who do not. Teaching is a joint searching; there can be no distinction between course work and project work, research and teaching. They are inseparable, and their contributions to this book are inseparable. Therefore many people who have contributed to this book will remain anonymous, because there are indeed so many. Most of them are students.

The work that led to this book has been conducted under the joint sponsorship of Dean Lawrence Anderson (School of Architecture and Planning, M.I.T.), Dean Gordon Brown (School of Engineering, M.I.T.), and Mr. Norman Rasmussen (I.B.M. Cambridge Scientific Center). During the writing of the manuscript I have received generous support from the Harvard and M.I.T. Joint Center for Urban Studies and the M.I.T. Urban Systems Laboratory.

Dr. Warren Brodey, Professor Seymour Papert, and Professor Steven Coons have provided the theoretical foundations for many of the concepts contained in this book. In addition, Dr. Oliver Selfridge, Dr. Avery Johnson, Professor William Porter, Mr. Stuart Silverstone, Mr. Timothy Johnson, and Mr. Craig Johnson have generously participated. Professor Donlyn Lyndon, Professor Aaron Fleisher, and Professor Imre Halasz deserve many thanks for their combined patience and severity in the early days of the manuscript. They especially helped with the soul-searching task of articulating the future in the present tense.

Finally the reader should know that the entire contents of this book are not uniquely my own. Professor Leon Groisser is coauthor of almost every idea and has been my partner in this venture for five years. His formal participation in composing the text has been hampered only by a concurrent commitment to another dissertation.


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